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Shawna Hamic has been slated to play Mrs. Dees in the upcoming musical, The Last Ship, music & lyrics by Sting, with direction by Joe Mantello! The show is set to open on October 26th and Shawna is incredibly's what she had to say about it:

"For as long as I can remember I've had one really HUGE dream. It's the sort of dream you work for and hope for and somehow- even though the obstacles and disappointments occur- you just can't give it up. I'm am blessed and thrilled (and frankly a bit overwhelmed) to FINALLY be able to say that in just a few days time I will begin rehearsals for my very first BROADWAY SHOW!!! I've known about this since October of last year so it has been KILLING me not to shout it from the rafters! I will be playing Mrs. Dees in the new musical 'The Last Ship'. Music & Lyrics by Sting & directed by Joe Mantello.

We will be doing an out of town try-out at the Bank of America Theater in Chicago June 10-July 13. We will then hit the Big Apple & Broadway at the Neil Simon Theater with previews beginning Sept 29th with an official opening set for October 26th. (Check out for more info & tickets.)

I've always believed that things happen for a reason- both good and (seemingly) 'bad'. Being a part of this new show is fulfilling more dreams and in bigger ways than I even knew possible. Y'all know of my lifelong musical obsession w Sting. Well now I get to work with him!

I guess I say all this to express that dreams really do come true. Even the ones that are so big they oft feel impossible. Nothing is impossible folks. You just have to believe with every breath, work in every moment and to keep walking the path with dogged determination and faith even when you can't see two feet in front of you.

Thank you to all who have believed I would get here from the start. You gave me strength to keep fighting. But thanks must also be given to those who said it would never happen... I've never been one to back down from a challenge after all. All your 'no's ringing in my ears kept me striving onward secure in the knowledge that I was just able to see something you couldn't. So thanks for that.

Know I'm sending love out to each and everyone of you. Know I believe you will get those big dreams of your own. Because it is possible. Keep fighting. Keep believing. Dreams really do come true!"

Congratulations, deserve it!!!

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